Antony Higgs

Antony is the manager of Supreme Sheet Metals, and is currently developing Supreme’s laser service, With 20 years experience in the fabrication industry, Antony intially trained as an accountant at Waikato University, but turned his hand to sheet metal fabrication to help out the factory during the recession of the early 90’s. Antony has played cricket for the “Grasshoppers” social team for over 25 years, longer than he’s been an engineer. He reckons the best fish he ever caught was a 17 pound snapper, caught in the Coromandel’s Oamaru Bay. He was also the Treasurer of the Waikato Sports Fishing Club for a number of years.

Darryl Higgs

Darryl has been working in fabrication for over 20 years. Darryl looks after tenders, meets with customers and finalises sales. Once a job is confirmed Darryl takes the role of project manager, organizing the job through the Supreme workshops. He keeps his fishing secrets close.

Mark Olsen

With a total of 30 years experience, Mark started at Supreme Sheetmetals as an after-school job. Eventually he began working full-time as an apprentice, received his advanced trade certificate, and became a foreman. In his spare time, Mark, like the rest of the Supreme team, enjoys fishing. He’s was also the Vice-President of the Waikato Sports Fishing Club for a number of years.


Photos of some of our staff & company fishing trips over the years.