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Laser cutting services Hamilton

Supreme Sheetmetals has begun offering laser cutting services as a natural progression in our component manufacture service.

The Salvagnini L1Xe is the first fiber laser installed in the Asia/Pacific region, and at the time is one of only 14 installed worldwide. It is the only fiber laser operating in the country.

Fiber laser technology ensures more energy is directed to the cutting head more effectively. This makes for a better, faster and more economical laser cutter, and our savings are passed on to our customers.

The wavelength of fiber laser also means that a wider range of machinable materials can now be laser cut, including highly reflective material such as aluminium, brass and copper.

The Salvagnini has a 3 x 1.5 metre bed, so is ideal for cutting large components.

Cutting Capacity (thicknesses in mm)

Steel0.1mm to 20mm
Stainless steel
(with or without protective film)
0.1mm to 20mm
Aluminium0.5mm to 5mm
Galvanised sheet / Coloursteel / Titanium sheet

We use our laser services in-house as part of our fabrication services, and we also offer laser cutting as an independent contracting service.


We have materials on hand and our experience, drawing (utilising computer aided drawing/computer aided manufacturing CAD/CAM) and laser cutting capabilities ensure a quick turnaround.

Laser Cutting services Waikato

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