Salvagnini LX1E Laser Cutter

Salvagini LX1E Laser Cutter

The Salvagnini L1Xe was at the time the 1st Fibre Laser installed in New Zealand. We were confident in the new technology, and now it Fibre Laser is industry standard.

Fiber laser technology ensures more energy is directed to the cutting head more effectively. This makes for a better, faster and more economical laser cutter, and our savings are passed on to our customers.

The wavelength of fiber laser also means that a wider range of machinable materials can now be laser cut, including highly reflective material such as aluminium, brass and copper.

The Salvagnini has a 3 x 1.5 metre bed, so is ideal for cutting large components.

Cutting Capacity at Supreme

Steel0.1mm to 25mm
Stainless steel
(with or without protective film)
0.1mm to 16mm
Aluminium0.1mm to 12mm

Galavanised sheet/ Coloursteel/ Titanium/Cold Rolled/Electrogalv/High Tensile

We can also cut particular grades of Brass & Copper – enquire to find out