Mark Olsen’s 35 year service

Mark Olsen (Fabrication Manager) has completed 35 years of continued service with Supreme Sheetmetals this August. Help us congratulate Mark on his success!!

Mark Olsen - Team

Wow what an achievement!  Mark has been a key part of Supremes fabric for a long time. He started out by biking from Fraser High after school to sweep the floors and then biking home to Forest Lake again.

Bob clearly saw character in the young man and duly offered him an apprenticeship. Mark completely his apprenticeship strongly by being one of the top advanced trade certificate apprentices in New Zealand that year.

His promise shone through and Bob backed him all the way into becoming the Fabrication Foreman to lead the workshop through the 90’s and beyond. His trade skills are exceptional, and he has won tremendous respect from his staff and customers alike for his ability to problem solve and engineer solutions. The natural extension to Fabrication Manager has been no problem for him and he has been able to carry through with him at all times a measured and relaxed approach.

A big well done and thanks from the Supreme Team!!